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About me...

"Marcelo lives in southern France, amongst olive-tree and cicadas, he works in his studio and B/W laboratory, when he is not away reporting for humanitarian organizations.

Marcelo RUBI has been roaming the earth for a few years now, and if he has not yet erred the over publicized and famed world of talented photo-reporter, it is because he has always privileged searching the subject matter and his art over the promotion of his work.

Having now reached maturity, he can finally dedicate more of his time to assailing flow of request he gets, and share with us his wonderful finds from Asia, South America, Africa or remote oriental lands.

Marcelo RUBI is a soul thief, an image hunter, a modern-time alchemist.

His snapshots are the reflection of his models, the reflection of the human, and why not say it, the reflection of the man is he.

His works are spellbinding and sublime, dark and luminous, but always venomous.

Gifted with a fine sensitivity, this passionate artist dedicates to photography an unequalled technical perfection for retrieving, out of the darkness he loves, this magical ray of light that characterizes his quest. 

Shadow and light, black magic and white magic. 

He has turned these two colors into his universe.

He can play with them powerfully yet softly to freeze into eternity a body, a face, a burst of laughter or a hand on a guitar : so many details for so many men, stories or itineraries".



Backstage of a mission in South-America



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